Realtors get your properties listed!

If you are a real estate agent located in the canary islands or a house owner and wish to list your properties on our site you are more than welcome. Please choose a payment option below, make a secure payment with PayPal and you can fill out the registration form. The application process can take up to 48 hours to complete and we will call or email you to verify your account details and provide you the password to login to our system.

What do I get?

  • Affordable web space to promote you listings
  • on a well ranked (Google) website.
  • Up to 10 photos per listing
  • Virtual 360° Tour images supported.
  • Direct link to your own Website from any of your listing detail pages.
  • A page with a list of all your properties, your photo, logo and contact details
  • Enquiries go directly to your mail box. If you have no email addresse yet, you get one for free!

Listing Options and Prices

Estate Agents - unlimited listings - up to 10 photos/listing.

Payment options
Cost per Year
Pay now
Montly payment
50 €
600 € / Year
Half yearly payment
275 €
550 € / Year
Annual payment
485 €
485 € / Year

Privat Sellers - one listing - up to 10 photos - List until sold.

Payment options
One time payment
100 €

Long Term Rentals
- one listing - up to 10 photos.
You can disable your listing after successfull renting and reactivate it
when it becomes available again.

Payment options
Annual payment
100 €